5 Comments to “Vazhakai Varuval (Poriyal) – Fried Raw Plantains”

  1. swarna gopi

    Apr 7th, 2011

    its useful and easy

  2. srividya

    Apr 23rd, 2011

    this 1 is a lovely preparation!!!!!!!!!!!!
    never knew about this!

  3. suganthiramesh

    Jun 17th, 2011

    a traditional recipe which my mom used to do often without using onions and garlic.

  4. latha

    Sep 1st, 2011

    very excellent sidedish…easy too. i need this kind of categories in fish…

  5. roshiya

    Feb 17th, 2012

    gud.i want to do this with less amount of oil.can u give

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