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If one wants to have a simple meal any day doing away way with elaborate cooking of vegetables etc,  “Paruppu Thuvaiyal” is prepared quickly to be mixed with plain rice and eaten.  Also  it can be consumed along with packed lunch like lime rice, tamarind rice etc or as a side dish with rice and ‘rasam” or [...]

Chicken Chettinad (Chettinadu)

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Chicken Chettinad was originally popular in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, but now it is a favourite food item in most  homes and restaurants  of Tamil Nadu. This dish is prepared using a combination of spices and it has its unique flavor and taste. We can have it for all rice based meals as side [...]


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In a tropical place like South India, we get in plenty Banana flowers and fruits. So it is common here to make dishes out of Banana flowers. This Banana flower Vadai can be eaten as a snack item or as a side dish along with rice meals. COOKING TIME:  2 hours SERVINGS: 2 INGREDIENTS: 1. Banana [...]

Ulundu or Ulunthu Kali – (Black Gram Porridge)

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This is a semi solid sweet dish which can be consumed as a supplementary breakfast or as snack. ”Ulundu” or black gram being a legume is high in protein  and nutritious. Palm sugar is prepared from the juice of different kinds of palm trees like Coconuts, Date Palm etc. Palm sugar or Jaggery made from the Palmyra tree is used in this [...]

Mutton Dry Fry – Virudhunagar Style

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When mutton is deep fried crisp in oil,  it is an excellent choice as side dish for a rice based meal along with sambar or any other curry.   This dish gets its name from the place called Virudhunagar as it is commonly served in this part of Tamil Nadu.  Unlike many other mutton preparations which [...]

Pasi Paruppu Payasam – (Green Gram Dhal Kheer)

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This dessert is prepared mainly with green gram dhal with either sugar or jaggery.  The main ingredient being green gram dhal, it is  not only delicious,but also  highly nutritious as a good source of protein. Cooking Time:  30 minutes Servings:  4 Ingredients:    1. Green Gram dhal:  1 cup or 150 grams 2. Raw Rice:  1/3 [...]